Announcing Depict, a drawing game for friends, coming back to mobile in 2021. Form a team and get ready to laugh your way through endless drawing puzzles. Depict is based on the 2009 hit of the same name, loved by over half a million players. The new version features the same fast-paced action, silly faces, easy match-making and tons of new content. Here’s an early look…

In the game, players get one chance per round to pick the word that matches what the artist is drawing. Guess correct before everyone else for the most points… guess wrong and you get nothing. Everyone gets a chance to draw, a winner is declared, and the next game starts!

Character customization is a big part of the game. Players can create a collection of custom emotes so there’s always the perfect reaction to whatever’s happening in their own unique way.

Myself and a friend launched the original back in 2009 under the ‘Makeshift Games’ brand. The game was a hit, gaining over half a million players, overwhelmingly positive reviews and a loyal fanbase. Unfortunately, we had to shut it down in 2011 for various reasons, mostly career and family related. I’ve regretted it ever since.

10 years later and development of the new Depict is well underway. Watch here + social for updates and beta sign-up.

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