Hello and welcome to the Depict private beta! Your help play testing the game before it is released is greatly appreciated.

Getting Started

Help & Feedback

Release Notes

Getting Started

Note: The links below will only work for people who applied and have been accepted into the private beta.


  1. Join the beta here: Join Android Beta

  2. Install the latest version here: Install from Play Store (on your phone or tablet)

If you don’t see it right away, try again in an hour.

Once installed, future updates should automatically install shortly after they are released. You will receive a notice with notes on what has changed with each release.


  1. If you’ve never beta tested iOS apps before, you’ll need to grab TestFlight from the AppStore.
  2. You will receive an email from Apple inviting you to join the beta in TestFlight.
  3. Open the email on your phone and Select “View in TestFlight”.

By default, new version should install automatically. However, it’s always good to check after an announcement to make sure you have the latest.

  1. Accept the invite and install the latest version.

Help and Feedback

Please email all feedback and bug reports to:

Depict Support - contact@depictgame.com

For bugs, please include as much detail as possible (phone type, OS version, WiFi vs cellular, what you were doing when it occurred, etc)

Latest Release


  • Adds achievement gallery
  • Adds name game intermission screen
  • Improved drawing accuracy
  • Improved tutorials
  • Improved bot emotes
  • Improved first-run experience
  • Fixed “can’t join games”
  • Fixed placeholder content on scoreboard
  • Fixed tutorials showing at the wrong time


  • Adds emote sharing
  • Adds announcement system
  • Adds store dialog in-game (for coins)
  • Adds ability to change username
  • Adds additional tutorials
  • Improves layout on notched devices
  • Improves “Find Game” behavior
  • Fixes in-app-purchases
  • Fixes close character dialog in-game


  • Adds Sign in with Apple
  • Adds forced update prompt
  • Improved login workflow
  • Improved tutorial callouts
  • Fixes idle players never disconnecting


  • Adds In-app-purchase store and cross-sells
  • Improved drawing efficiency / performance
  • Improves layout of many screens across different screen sizes
  • Improves logout - asks to confirm now
  • Fixes sleeping players - are now auto-skipped
  • Fixes artist leaving while drawing no longer locks game
  • Fixes duplicate join codes
  • Fixes game credits


  • Improved emote exit without saving
  • Improved emote confirm clear / delete
  • Fixes pagination in character editor
  • Fixes player scoring errors when joining after a game started
  • Fixes players skipped when joining after a game started
  • Fixes error message when maximum number of emotes created
  • Fixes emote fill bucket so it actually works instead of filling everything
  • Fixes server de-registration after updates


  • Adds Sign in with Google
  • Adds moderation tools, player reputation
  • Adds star awards, coin system
  • Adds “clone” emotes action
  • Improved in-game lower-panel behavior
  • Improved color pallet selection clarity
  • Improved error handling (bad connection, room errors, etc)
  • Adjusts XP and level math


  • Adds fully functional gameplay (drawing, guessing)
  • Adds Sign in with Email
  • Adds emoji studio (advanced and easy)
  • Improved animations and transitions
  • Fixes broken dialog boxes